mandag den 27. juli 2009

Robert Pattinson in I-D Magazine

I-D asked Robert Pattinson a few questions.. they're pretty fucked.. some of them.

1. What gives you the it thing hard-on?
RP: Gamines. not the tourist kind but the kind that looks like she had plans to be a sailor. i reckon that i've fantasized bonking a gamine publicly (laughs)

2.Why did you decline to model for Hedi Slimane?
RP: I'm very passionate about hedi's work and we remain close friends. I've declined 'cause i didn't think i was suitable to represent dior homme at that time. i could not amount to being a bone and look like a bloody glam boy. i would ruin the mode of it.

3.Now be honest, Are you shagging any of your twilight co-stars?
RP: (laughs) Actually, yes i'm shagging them one by one.

4.We're very intrigued about your "intimate" relationship with your co-star, supermodel Noot Seear. What's going on?
RP: Like i said, i'm shagging all my co-stars, you know getting to know them better. (laughs)

5. We're also very intrigued about your hair. What's your secret?
RP: Dry Shampoo.

Photos by Terry Jones

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